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Here at The Magickal Mall, you can find everything you need to adorn your world, body, mind and spirit.

Just like a physical mall, this virtual mall contains various shops with different wares. Get a cup of your favorite beverage and enjoy browsing from the comfort of your chair.

The Amazing World of Products offers a wide variety of home decor items, games, toys, tools, household essentials, and gifts for everyone on your list.



Eaglestar's Magickal ToolsEaglestar's Magickal Tools offers everything you need for a spiritual home and altar as well as ritual and festival wear.

Magickal DesignsMagickal Designs features handcrafted jewelry with an emphasis on semi-precious stones, pearls, and crystals. 

Magickal Designs also has handmade handbags, totes, mobility aids, and other sewn and embroidered objects and quilts.

Cheryl Feyen DesignsCheryl Feyen Designs manages this website and can build a website for you too.

Pagan101 educates about and celebrates the Pagan religions, in particular Wicca.


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